006 – Why Your Church Needs to Embrace Technology

I believe it is important for church leaders to embrace technology for the sake of leveraging the gospel to impact our world for Christ.  Sadly, the reaction so often in the church is to reject change of any kind (or at least move at a snail’s pace in adopting it) and as a result, the average church is FAR behind the rest of the culture when it comes to things like having a website, engaging people through social media, helping people give financially to the Lord through the church via electronic means, etc.  In this podcast, I share why embracing technology is a much better route than rejecting it and go on to list several ways that the church I lead is using technology.  Below are some links I mentioned in the show (and a few I didn’t).

  • You can check out The RESCUE Church’s website HERE.
  • Planning Center Online
  • Church Online Platform for streaming your worship service (iCampus)
  • You can check out The RESCUE Church’s iCampus HERE.
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  • You can “FOLLOW” The RESCUE Church on Twitter HERE.
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  • You can download The RESCUE Church’s App HERE.
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I would love to hear some of the ways your church is using technology to advance the cause of Christ!

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