015 – How to Add Staff to Your Rural Church with a Limited Budget

As a pastor, do you ever feel like you’re the one doing the majority of the work of the church?

If so, you’re not alone. The reality is that many pastors are struggling with all the demands of ministry with very few people to help carry the burden.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

What if you were able to hire a staff of committed, high-caliber people who would take much of the weight of overseeing the church off of your shoulders, freeing you up to lead and feed the church?

What if you were able to do this without putting a strain on your already limited church budget?

Sound too good to be true?

Well it’s not!

In this episode of the Small Town Big Church podcast, I’m going to share the story of how The RESCUE Church hired an awesome volunteer staff and the absolute difference that has made in our ministry. I will also explain the steps you can take to accomplish the same thing:

  1. Decide that you’re no longer going to be the primary ministry giver.
  2. Find the right people.
  3. Have a clear, written job description in place that spells out the expectations.
  4. Have a clearly defined timeline.
  5. Make the “hard sell”.
  6. Train them well and then meet with them regularly.
  7. Give them authority to make decisions.
  8. Appreciate them!

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