028 – Confessions of an Adulterous Pastor

Podcast logo 1400x1400I recently had the sad and unfortunate opportunity to be a part of a group of pastors who confronted a fellow pastor who had fallen into adultery and was/is living in open rebellion to the very Word of God he has preached for so long.  I came away from the experience asking, “How did he get here?”  “How does a pastor go from loving God and leading the church to walking away from it all and leaving many hurting people in his wake?”  In this episode I “dissect” this situation and offer the “Confessions of an Adulterous Pastor”.

  • “I was not in Christian community.” 
  • “I resisted accountability in my life.”
  • “I did not walk in authenticity and transparency.”
  • “I did not pursue emotional health.”
  • “I failed to set healthy boundaries in my life.”
  • “I broke my own rules and put myself in situations I should not have.”
  • “I was not willing to seek counseling.”
  • “I didn’t deal with pride in my life.”
  • “I developed a victim mentality.” 
  • “I became bitter.”
  • “I became a hypocrite.”
  • “I withdrew from my family.”
  • “I surrounded myself with weak people.”
  • “I lied when confronted.”
  • “I embraced deception, rebellion, and unrepentance.”
  • “I caused pain in many people’s lives.”

Here is the link to the book I recommended in the show called Hedges.

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