142 – My Church Just Gave Me Permission to Be Me

One of the hardest parts of being a pastor is trying to meet the expectations that others place on us in ministry.  It’s hard enough to measure up in the areas of our strengths and giftedness, but it’s downright crushing trying to be what people want us to be in areas where we’re not gifted.

I believe the job description (and traditional expectations) of a pastor contains the following four broad categories:

  • Shepherd
  • Preacher/Teacher
  • Leader
  • Administration

The problem is that no pastor is gifted in ALL of those areas.  So while they may be strong in one or two areas, they are bound to disappoint people in the other areas if they don’t find a way to hand off those responsibilities to capable and gifted people.

In this podcast episode I share a summary from a recent meeting I had with my church family at The RESCUE Church in which I openly acknowledged where I’m lacking and how I need their help in meeting some needs that aren’t being met too well when the expectation is for me to fill a role that I’m not very gifted to fill.  The end result of the meeting was essentially that my church family “released” me and blessed me to be who God created me to be while they step up and serve in the capacity that God has called and gifted them to serve in.  I love my church and am thankful for the opportunity to get to be their pastor!

Here are two links that I mentioned in the show:

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