A Few of Our Most Recent Creative Elements:

A while back I posted a blog about the need for creativity in the church and how our team at The RESCUE Church strives to bring a creative approach to every presentation of biblical truth we make.  In this post I’d like to share a few more creative elements our team has used in recent weeks.  I encourage you to feel free to use any of these ideas in your own creative pursuits.

Spiritual Warfare: 

To help illustrate the truth that we as followers of Jesus Christ are called into a real (but invisible) spiritual war (Ephesians 6:10-20) I had one of our active military guys come out on stage in full combat gear.  This was a simple way of visually making the connection of warfare that we can see with warfare that we can’t see.  You can listen to that message by clicking here.



Conflict Resolution Tool Box: 

In a recent message dealing with resolving conflict instead of running from it, our creative team came up with a simple skit where I brought a tool box up on the stage and set it on a stool next to a microphone.  Then I announced that I was going to invite six guests up on the stage to share with us some of their “favorite tools for resolving conflict”.  One by one six people stepped up to the microphone, reached into the “conflict resolution toolbox” and pulled out an object.  I would ask them how that particular object helped them resolve conflict and they would answer.  It went something like this:

  1. Duct Tape – the gal who pulled that object from the tool box asked me if I wanted to see how it worked.  She then put a piece of it over her mouth and refused to talk to me, turning her back completely away from me.
  2. Car Keys – “When I get into a conflict with someone, I get in my care a drive away.”
  3. Calendar – “When I have a conflict I will write this down on the calendar so that in 4 months I can bring it back up again.”
  4. Boxing Gloves – “When I get into a conflict I like to hit people.” 
  5. A Bag of Chips – “When I get into conflict I like to eat food.”
  6. Cell Phone – “When I’m in a conflict with someone I love to call as many people as I can to talk to them about the person I’m fighting with.”

Then I transitioned into our teaching time by saying, “Well these are certainly tools that people use to resolve conflict, but as you can see none of these tools actually resolve conflict.  But the Bible has given us some very clear tools that if we obey them will help us resolve conflict…”  You can listen to that message by clicking here.

I’d love to hear some of your creative elements that you have used or seen used in recent weeks.

Until next time…

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