132 – Why We are Transitioning a Multi-Site Campus into an Independent Church Plant

In this week’s podcast I sit down with Pastor Tyler Ramsbey for a conversation about why and how we are transitioning one of The RESCUE Church’s current multi-site campuses in Garretson, South Dakota into an independent church plant under Tyler’s leadership.  I trust that you will find something interesting, challenging, or encouraging from the conversation.

Here’s the link to the podcast episode I mentioned in the show: 5 Reasons NOT to Hire Young Leaders

Below is the sermon I preached to our church in which I talked about our decision to move forward with releasing the Garretson Campus as an independent church.

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131 – Don’t Embrace a Mediocre Life

I recently ran across a blog post titled What If All I Want is a Mediocre Life?

The title grabbed my attention.  I would encourage you to check out the article for yourself so you can get an idea for what the author, Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui is trying to communicate.  Then I would encourage you to listen to my rebuttal on this podcast episode as I offer up several reasons why I absolutely believe we should AVOID a life of mediocrity.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.  Please feel free to share!

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130 – Identifying the Naysayers in Your Life

If God has put a dream or vision in your heart, you will absolutely attract “haters.”

Click HERE to listen to an episode I did a while back called Why Your Church Needs Haters and How to Deal with Them.

In addition to the “haters” you will also find the “naysayers” in your life.  Often these people are much closer to you and, unlike the haters, they actually care about you, but the words they speak can have the same effect as that of that of the haters.

I recently read a book from Grant Cardone called Be Obsessed or Be Average.

While I don’t subscribe to everything Grant talks about in the book, his chapter on “haters and naysayers” really spoke to my heart.  In this podcast episode I share my thoughts on the subject.

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129 – Rules are Meant to be Broken

When I say “rules are meant to be broken,” I’m not referring to God’s rules.

But I believe in so many areas of life (including ministry) we are often held captive by “rules” that someone, somewhere, at some time set in place.  And I believe that good leadership questions, challenges, and BREAKS those rules!  In this podcast episode I talk about many of the “rules” I’ve broken in my life and ministry and I attempt to give you permission to break some rules of your own!

Here is the link for the Carey Nieuwhof podcast I mentioned in the show regarding multi-site in rural communities.

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128 – How Good Bylaws Just Protected My Church

The church I get the awesome privilege of leading is going through some major changes right now.  In this podcast episode I share just one detail from a much larger picture and talk about how having the right kind of structure is protecting the unity and forward progress of our church…even as we lead through some big (and difficult) changes.

Here is the link to the Argus Leader article about the Small Town Big Church podcast I mentioned in this episode.

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127 – How to Lead Through BIG Change in Your Small Church

True or false:  Church people LOVE change…especially small, rural churches.


Let’s be honest.  People naturally resist change…ESPECIALLY it seems in small churches.

But change is often good and necessary.  So how do you lead people to accept and follow big changes in a small church?  That is exactly the question I answer in this week’s podcast episode.

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126 – How to Conduct a Wedding

When I was getting started in pastoral ministry, there was SO MUCH I did not know.  One of the many things on that list was how to conduct a wedding ceremony.

Recently I had a friend who is new to pastoral leadership contact me to ask a bunch of the same questions I had to ask back when I conducted my first wedding.  He suggested I do a podcast episode to share my thoughts with other young pastors who are just as clueless and curious on how to conduct a wedding ceremony.

So here you go…

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125 – How Should I Prepare for My Retirement from Ministry?

Hey Pastor!  Are you ready for retirement from ministry?  Do you have plans to retire from ministry at some point?  Will you be able to do that from a financial planning perspective?

In this week’s podcast episode I share some thoughts on the financial aspect of being in ministry.  I’d love to hear your feedback!

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124 – A Small-Town Church Success Story with Donnie Griggs

I recently had the opportunity to interview Pastor Donnie Griggs of One Harbor Church in Morehead City, NC.  I trust his story will be as much of an inspiration and encouragement to you as it was to me.

Here are some links that were mentioned in the show:

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123 – Why I Love Preaching with an iPad

Do you prefer to use paper notes when you preach?  Or have you taken the plunge into the world of tablets/iPads?

In this podcast episode I share my process for using my iPad for preaching and several reasons why I have come to LOVE it!

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