Will You Do Me a Favor?

IMG_2043I love helping people, but often I struggle to ask others to help me with stuff. I’d love to share a noble reason for this, but at the end of the day, it’s just pride. (Sad, I know!)

But today I’m going to swallow my pride and admit that I could use your help in 5 specific ways.

#1: Will you please ‘Rate and Review’ my new podcast in iTunes?

Podcast Logo 150 x 150I recently launched a leadership podcast that is primarily directed towards pastors and church leaders who are serving in small, rural churches and communities. I truly believe God has taught me some lessons that are valuable for others to hear and learn from as well. You can be a part of getting my podcast in front of more pastors and church leaders by simply going to iTunes and clicking on “Ratings and Reviews”, and then sharing a brief review. (Hopefully you can write a nice review without having to be dishonest!!! 🙂 )

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#2: Will you please ‘Rate and Review’ The RESCUE Church’s sermon podcast in iTunes?

TRC Sermon PodcastEach week The RESCUE Church publishes our sermon audio in podcast form on iTunes. Our desire is to make the gospel available to people in as many convenient forms as we possibly can. Again, with your help in ‘Rating and Reviewing’ our sermon podcasts, we will get our messages in the hands of more people!

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#3: Will you please ‘Rate and Review’ The RESCUE Church’s app in iTunes?

app Another way The RESCUE Church seeks to literally put the good news of Jesus in the hands of people is through our app. And once again, you can help this app get noticed by ‘Rating and Reviewing it in iTunes. By now you’re getting really good at this ‘Rating and Reviewing’ stuff! Keep going!

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#4: Will you please share this blog post with others?

Would you consider simply sharing this by clicking one of the social media icons below and asking a few other people to help me out?

And finally…

#5: Will you please SUBSCRIBE to my blog and/or podcast?

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Thank you so much for taking a few minutes and helping me out with all of this!  I truly appreciate it!

About Jon Sanders

Follower of Jesus; Husband to an amazing woman; Father of 3 great kids; Pastor of a multi-site church with a vision to reach rural America for Christ!
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