Growing Rural Church Seeking Young Leaders!

Help WantedAre you a young person who loves Jesus and feels led to serve Him in some form of vocational ministry? Have you ever felt discouraged or frustrated because your youth and lack of practical hands-on ministry experience seem to limit your opportunities for leadership positions within the church?

Well I’ve got good news for you!

The RESCUE Church is looking for young leaders JUST LIKE YOU to add to our team!

God has given our church a huge vision to reach rural communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. And one thing I know is that in order to see this vision become a reality, we are going to need a team of passionate and committed leaders who are up for a difficult, but exciting challenge!

  • What are some characteristics we are looking for in a young leader?
    • You feel a call of God on your life.
    • You are drawn to leadership roles.
    • You are hungry to grow and learn.
    • You have a teachable attitude.
    • You have a passion for and commitment to the church.
    • You desire to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself.
  • What are some things we are not looking for?
    • Age
    • A Bible college or seminary degree
    • Experience
    • Perfection
    • Someone who is just looking for a “paycheck”

If you’re interested in learning more about developing yourself as a leader within a ministry context, I would love to have a conversation with you! I invite you to contact me and let’s set up a time to talk!

What are some possible outcomes if I respond to this blog post?

  • At the very least, an encouraging conversation that might help me take the next step in the direction God would have me to go.
  • A possible long-distance leadership coaching opportunity.
  • Some form of an internship in which I will receive hands-on leadership training through real-life experience instead of a classroom.
  • Possible full-time employment with The RESCUE Church.

 I would also encourage you to listen to a brief podcast I produced in which I talk in more detail about this. (And feel free to subscribe to the podcast while you’re at it!)

About Jon Sanders

Follower of Jesus; Husband to an amazing woman; Father of 3 great kids; Pastor of a multi-site church with a vision to reach rural America for Christ!
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