Is it Possible to Praise God even in the Midst of Grief?

I have a confession to make.  I often find it easy to give God praise and thanksgiving when things are going well in my life.  When my health is good.  When my finances are steady.  When my marriage and other relationships are in good shape.  When the weather is good (hear summer, spring, or fall…I hate winter!).  But sometimes, in those darker moments of my life, the truth is that my first reaction isn’t always to worship and give God the glory that He is due.  I find it harder to remember that God is still God and still worthy of all of my praise even when I’m grieving…or sick…or my marriage isn’t experiencing its finest hour…or when I don’t understand WHY God is allowing a trial or loss into my life.

Recently I have been wrestling with some of those WHY questions in response to some suffering I see in the lives of others around me.  So this morning as I was having some quiet time in my office, I came across a message from the 2014 C3 Global conference that really spoke to some of the issues I’ve been thinking about and wrestling with.

This message is from Jentezen Franklin.  And rather than me telling you what it’s all about, why don’t you just check it out for yourself.  This really spoke to me and I hope you find some encouragement in it as well.

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