Jamaica Team Update: Day 3

Today was another eventful and productive day for our team here in Jamaica.

We were up and getting around by 6:00 this morning.  A few of us were more than ok to be up at that hour, while a few others (whose names I will not put in writing) were not so thrilled with the early hour!  But nonetheless, we jumped into our day!

Steve, Jack, LaRen, and Deb made more progress on the office/apartment.  Sam, Chase, and myself headed off to a 7:00 am meeting with another pastor and about 15 leaders from his congregation.  They had asked us to come and present our church’s story and vision and they had all kinds of questions for us.  It was so awesome to get the opportunity to encourage them and share some of what we’ve been blessed to learn from other leaders and churches who have poured into us and invested time and knowledge in our ministry.

After lunch we headed out to the Deeside Community Center (the building our Deeside Campus currently meets in.)  Our goal was to paint the building inside and out.  Our Deeside Campus Pastor, Richard Vernon, had lined up a small army of volunteers who made quick work of the painting!  It was great to see so many people eager to help out.

While we were painting, Steve and Jack built a 10’ X 8’ screen to project our multi-media onto in our Deeside Campus.  They plan to finish installing that tomorrow.

We ended the evening by spending some time training leaders and volunteers in the Deeside Campus as we prepare for our Grand Opening service this weekend.

All in all it was another full day.  Our team is tired and ready for bed, but so very thankful for all of you who are upholding us in your prayers.

***Just a side note:  We have very sporadic internet where we are staying.  This makes it difficult to upload any pictures on this blog or even to get emails or Facebook private messages through.  So I’m sorry if I’m missing out on any correspondence you have been trying to get through.***

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