Jamaica Team Update: Day 4

Today was a somewhat FRUSTRATING day.  In order to accomplish all of the objectives we are hoping to accomplish during our short trip, we have a long list of things we need to purchase.  So the plan today was to split our team into two groups, sending one group to the hardware store and the other group to…well…just about every other store in Montego Bay!  And while we were able to get much of what was on our lists, there was still some stuff we were not able to get…meaning that we will have to venture out once again tomorrow to hopefully finish off the shopping.  Furthermore, the entire outing took both groups MUCH, MUCH LONGER than what we had expected or hoped.  So by this afternoon none of us felt like we made much progress on the actual jobs that need to get done.  (As it stands, our beach day is starting to look like it might be in jeopardy if we can’t get more accomplished tomorrow!)

Late this afternoon, a portion of our team went back out to our Deeside Campus to finish a few projects and lead the people through some orientation/training while the other half of our group stayed back on the campus of CCCD to keep working on our office/apartment facility.

Our time spent with the Deeside Campus was productive.  We got a huge screen installed in the community center where the Deeside campus holds services, brought in 20 new chairs and helped them set up their facility in order to be ready for our Grand Opening Service this coming Sunday.  We also had a good evening of teaching the people of our Deeside Campus how to do First Impressions, RESCUE KIDZ, and nursery.  It’s exciting to see the people of our Deeside Campus getting pumped about our Grand Opening and taking ownership in their church!

Tomorrow we are set to have some office furniture get delivered as well as having the Internet company arrive to install internet and phone.  Lord willing, by tomorrow night Pastor Richard Vernon will have a functioning office from which to work!

Thank you again to all of you who have given financially to make this trip possible as well as for all the prayer support you have been sending our way.  God has answered so many prayers and blessed us in so many ways this week.  I can’t wait to get back and tell you all about it!

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