Jamaica Team Update: Day 5

Today most of our team was able to stay around the campus of CCCD and get more work accomplished on the office/apartment.

We began the morning by digging a trench in order to run sewer line for the bathroom in the apartment/office.  While some of us were sweating in the hot Jamaica sun with that project, others were continuing the interior work in the office.  The delivery truck arrived with our desk and office chair.  The internet company was supposed to show up but for some reason they weren’t able to.

I spent yet another day pretty much driving around from one store to the next trying to make the final purchases that we need to make while we’re here.  On a side note, I happened upon a store that had a HUGE display of extremely colorful shoes (Nikes, Adidas, Chucks, etc.) mind you, none of them were probably “real”, but they were cheap and I was buying!  So although my day was another day of driving and frustration, there was a silver lining amongst the clouds!

Because our team was still pushing hard to get all of our work accomplished, we decided to forgo our beach time we had planned for the day and work until supper time.  Then we enjoyed an evening out.  We had supper at the Pork Pit (which is a fantastic BBQ place) with Pastor Richard Vernon and his family, followed by ice cream.

Tomorrow we plan to bring all of our projects to a stopping point and clean up by noon and then head to the beach for a few hours.

While we are kind of sad to see our week so quickly coming to an end, we are all ready to get back to our families.  The South Dakota cold…NOT SO MUCH!

I would request prayer for one of our team members who has been sick for the past 24 hours with vomiting and exhaustion.

Thanks for praying!

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