Missing Body Parts


This past Sunday at The RESCUE Church was by far the most awkward service we have ever had!

We had no volunteers serving ANYWHERE!

  • No First Impressions greeters outside or inside to smile, shake hands, open doors, or welcome our guests and regular attenders to church…
  • No coffee bar (gasp!)…
  • No nursery to provide loving care for our babies and toddlers…
  • No sound system (we just had awkward silence as people were coming into the worship center)…
  • No worship band (just one guy with a guitar and no microphone)…
  • No lyrics, Scripture, or video on the projection screens…
  • No smooth, seamless transition to our multi-site campuses…
  • Did I mention NO COFFEE BAR???!!!

As people began to show up for church, instead of seeing numerous volunteers plugged in and serving, they found hand-written signs all around our facility highlighting the service that wasn’t happening or being provided due to a “lack of volunteers.”

Now let me explain that this didn’t happen by accident.  This “unplugged” service was not the result of all of our volunteers calling in sick on the same day.

We actually planned it…intentionally…on purpose…to make a point.

We wanted to help our volunteers see how extremely VITAL and VALUABLE they are to the functioning of our church.

We looked at this Scripture: 2 Corinthians 12:27 Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.

God’s Word calls the church a body.  And if we have placed our faith in Jesus Christ then we are a part of that body.  The only question is, “are we a plugged in body part or an unplugged body part?”

You see, so many Christians have believed a lie that says, “I don’t need the church.”  “Me and Jesus have our own little thing going over here, but I don’t need the very bride He gave his life for.”  “I like Jesus, I just don’t care much for his wife (the church).”

Let me tell you something.  If you are a Christian who believes you don’t need the church, what you really are is a disconnected body part!

And while I’m not a doctor, my career in emergency medicine and firefighting did teach me that disconnected body parts are never a good thing…for the body…or for the part that has been “disconnected” from the body!

One suffers.  The other dies.

The truth is this: I need the church and the church needs me.

So my challenge this past week was directed to two groups of people:  the connected body parts and the missing body parts.

To our current plugged in and serving volunteers I said the following:

1. Thank you! 

Without your involvement and service, our church (body) would cease to function.  We truly have some amazing people who faithfully give their time, talent, and treasure to the Lord through our church and He is using them to write an incredible story and impact the lives of people all around the world!

2. You’re welcome!

I really mean this.  It’s not a duty to serve in the church.  It’s a privilege!  The fact that you belong to a church that not only offers you an opportunity to serve, but expects it is a blessing.  We grow more from serving than simply receiving.  (Acts 20:35, Mark 10:45)

3. Never forget that your service is making an eternal impact!

I shared a few recent stories from every one of our campuses about how God is using our church to not only affect people’s lives here and now, but literally where they will spend eternity!

To those who are regular attenders, but are not plugged in I said the following:


And that’s my challenge to you as well.  Get plugged into the body of Christ today!  Find a healthy, gospel-preaching, Christ-centered local church with a vision for reaching people for Jesus Christ in your community and get involved.  Serve.  Volunteer.  Give.  Plug in!

If you are part of The RESCUE Church family and you missed this past weekend’s message, I would highly encourage you to go watch/listen to it here.

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Follower of Jesus; Husband to an amazing woman; Father of 3 great kids; Pastor of a multi-site church with a vision to reach rural America for Christ!
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