My Lesson in Contentment

I am currently in the middle of an 8-day missions trip to Jamaica with an awesome team from The RESCUE Church (and a few other great people from other states) and I just need to put a few thoughts into writing.  Our primary purpose in coming was to assist the Caribbean Christian School for the Deaf (CCSD) as well as the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf (JCSD) with several construction projects.  I won’t take the time to explain the background of these schools or the children who reside at/attend the schools, but believe me when I say that these children (as well as the staff that serve them) get by on SO MUCH LESS than when we who live in the United States do.  Let me be clear on two things: 1) I am so thankful to be a citizen of the United States of America!  We are so blessed!  2)  We take so much for granted.  In fact, we take so many of our blessings for granted that we fail to be content with or thankful for most of them.

I want to share with you a lesson in contentment that I have been taught by some of the beautiful children we have come to serve.  For the past two days as we have been working on the campuses of CCCD and JCSD I have observed these children at play in conditions far less than what we would call acceptable in the USA and with far less toys, entertainment, or media.  But what I’ve noticed is how content they are to simply play with and enjoy the simple things in life.  I’m not sure why this has been such an amazing phenomena to observe, but I can’t really recall the last time I watched children (even my own) be content to happily play with a jump rope, worn out soccer ball, rusty swing set, etc.  My guess is if you’d insert American children into this setting they’d be bored and complaining in about 10 minutes…wanting more…newer…bigger…better…now!  But the reality is that I am one of those American kids who grew up and is now an adult.  And so often if I’m honest I’d have to admit that I am not content or truly thankful for so much of all that I’ve been blessed with…stuff that most of the world’s population will never know the privilege of having.

How about you?  Are you content with all that God has blessed you with?  Are you thankful for it?  If not, I suggest you join us for the next missions trip to Jamaica!

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