One of the Lamest Excuses Christians Give for Leaving their Church – Part 2



AUTHORS NOTE:  This blog post is the second of a four-part series dealing with the real reasons “mature” believers walk away from a healthy church family using the excuse, “We’re just not being fed anymore.”  To read the original post click HERE.

REAL REASON #2:  “We’ve become consumers rather than producers.”

In addition to the practical things I listed in my previous post that Christians can and should do to keep themselves spiritually fed, I would also add the discipline of serving others in the Body of Christ.  I realize that on the surface to say serving others and giving of ones time, talents, and treasure within the local church seems to be more draining rather than filling.  But this is one of those “backward” things in God’s economy:

  • If you want to be first…be last.
  • If you want to receive…give.
  • If you want to save your life…lose it for my sake.
  • If you want to be great…serve.

I really believe that one of the most important things a Christian can do to stay spiritually fed is to serve God and others through the local church.

And I’m not saying that believers who ARE serving and ARE committed to their local church never leave the church, because it happens.  But what I am saying, from years of watching Christians walk away from the church using the excuse that, “We’re just not being fed anymore,” is that the vast majority of the time they are not serving faithfully within the church at all.

Instead of being givers and producers, they are takers and consumers.

And since Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than receive” (Acts 20:35), the truth is that if we approach a relationship with the primary agenda of getting something rather than giving something, we will be limited in what we can receive.

So is it a coincidence that many Christians who walk away from a church using the excuse that they’re not being fed are also not serving?  I think not.  Start serving others rather than only being in it for how others can serve you and experience the spiritual feeding that you’ll get in return!

How about you?  Are you simply a consumer of all that your church has to offer?  Or are you one of the producers, giving your life away to show God’s love to others?


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