One of the Lamest Excuses Christians Give for Leaving their Church – Part 4


AUTHORS NOTE:  This blog post is the final of a four-part series dealing with the real reasons “mature” believers walk away from a healthy church family using the excuse, “We’re just not being fed anymore.”  To read the original post click HERE.

REAL REASON #4:  We have a hidden sin issue in our life and so we don’t want to be too close to a healthy church where godly conviction and accountability can occur.

 In all my years growing up in and around pastoral ministry, I have seen this play out more times than I can remember:

An individual all of a sudden decides to leave their church family with a very “spiritual sounding” excuse (i.e. “We’re just not being fed anymore.”), but soon after it becomes evident that their reason for leaving wasn’t so spiritual after all.

For example, I’ve seen believers walk away from the church claiming they aren’t being fed, or they claim some other holy sounding disagreement with the direction of the church, and yet when they leave they remain completely disconnected from any local church.  Now I realize that many people in “mainstream Christianity” today don’t see any problem with a believer holding the mindset of, “I love Jesus, but I don’t need the church,” and therefore the idea of someone walking away from a church and remaining disconnected is really no big deal.

But I happen to believe that Jesus Christ is passionate about his church and he calls his true disciples to be as well.  To believe the lie that says, “I love Jesus, just not his church,” is the equivalent of saying, “I love Jesus, but I hate his wife!”  According to the New Testament (and therefore this should be basic Christianity 101 stuff) I need the church, and the church needs me.

So to see a self-proclaimed mature believer walk away from their church family on the grounds that they’re not being spiritually fed, only to sit at home and remain disconnected is a huge contradiction that exposes where the real spiritual decay is happening!

Many times, the first step away from God involves a step away from his people.

And the healthier the church, the sooner that disconnect will come in the life of a “non-following follower” of Jesus.  Let’s be honest.  If I’m not following Jesus as I know I should, it would be much easier for me to stay in an environment that has a form of spirituality, that calls itself a church, that gives lip service to Jesus, but where I know I will never hear a sermon calling my sin what it is…SIN, and where I’m quite certain that no one will ever confront me about my sin than it would be to remain in a church that boldly speaks God’s Word with conviction and authority and embraces a culture of loving accountability.  I’ll say it again:

Many times, the first step away from God involves a step away from his people.

When a mature Christian walks away from a healthy church that is serving up sound biblical teaching and seeing people come to know Christ as their Savior claiming that, “We’re just not being fed anymore,” this says far more about that person than it does the church they left!


One final point I want to make as I bring this series of blog posts to a conclusion is that I do believe there are times when it is ok…and even necessary…for a Christian to leave their church.  In response to some of the conversation and questions I’ve been receiving as a result of this series of blog posts, my next post will deal with that very topic.  Stay tuned and feel free to share your thoughts or questions below!

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