Parental Warning! Please SHOW this Video to Your Children!

Does it really matter what our children believe?  Should we teach our children that there is such thing as absolute truth?  Righteousness vs. evil?  Moral vs. immoral? 

More and more, the message of our culture is that it really doesn’t matter what people believe so long as they’re sincere.  Can’t we all just get along and agree to disagree when it comes to the notion of absolute truth?  Why can’t we all just decide for ourselves what we believe is true and what is not?

Does it really matter what we believe?

Yes!  Why?  Because ideas have consequences…and not all ideas are equal.  When we move away from the Source of absolute truth, there is no limit to the evil we as human beings are capable of.

This truth is made evident through the content of the video below.  I encourage everyone to watch this.  Parents, even though the video deals with some heavy topics and graphic images, I challenge you to show it to your children and be prepared to answer questions.  They need to have a world-view that is shaped by the truth!

And if you hold to a pro-abortion viewpoint, I especially challenge you to watch this video and attempt to make a reasonable and intelligent response in defense of your position. 

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