Praying for a Miracle


I want to use this blog post to inform my readers and especially The RESCUE Church family about a special Sunday coming up and to ask ALL of you to join me in praying for a miracle.

Recently, our community was made aware of an urgent health need in the life of a 4-year old boy by the name of Tayden who had brain surgery to remove a tumor on August 23, 2013. Following this his diagnosis was confirmed as Classic Medulloblastoma. Tayden and his parents are now in Chicago to undergo 6 weeks of daily radiation and chemotherapy. Following this there will be a short break and then another 6 months of chemo.

My heart is heavy for Tayden and his family as I think about the physical, emotional, and financial weight they are experiencing.  I want to help.

So I am doing one of the most helpful things I know to do.  Pray.  I know sometimes people casually throw the word pray around even though they don’t really believe there is much power in it and it doesn’t really do much.  But please realize that when I say pray, I’m talking about a real conversation with a real God.  You see, I serve and follow the Lord Jesus Christ…the Living God…Creator of the universe…Giver of Life…All-Powerful…All-Knowing…Loving Savior…Miracle Worker who actually hears and responds to the prayers of his people!  And he is honored when we bring impossible situations before him and fall on his mercy and trust him for miraculous intervention and healing.  And so I am daily asking God for the miraculous, supernatural healing of little Tayden.  I’m asking God to spare Tayden and his parents from the long road of chemo.  I’m asking God to do something so amazing in this situation that everyone involved KNOWS that He intervened…and that He alone will receive the glory for what He’s done.

Recently, as I was praying for Tayden and his family, I sensed God prompting me with another way I could help.  I was specifically praying for God to provide financially for Tayden’s family for all the medical expenses that they are incurring.  That’s when I sensed a whisper from the Lord, “I want you to be a part of that provision.”  So on Sunday, September 22, 2013, I am asking the church that I lead (The RESCUE Church) to give our entire weekend’s offering to Tayden’s family to go toward his medical expenses.  And once again I’m asking God for a miracle.  Not only am I asking Him to provide for our church in the absence of an offering, I’m also asking that He would provide ABUNDANTLY…far beyond our normal offering that weekend.  I am asking God for at least $10,000 in that one offering!

Will you be a part of this miracle?

Will you join me in praying for Tayden’s complete healing and restored health?

Will you give generously…even sacrificially to help provide for the medical expenses.  (You can give online by clicking HERE.  Under the special designation category write: Tayden’s Miracle)

Let’s believe God for a miracle and see what He does!

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Follower of Jesus; Husband to an amazing woman; Father of 3 great kids; Pastor of a multi-site church with a vision to reach rural America for Christ!
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