A SELF-less Prayer in a “SELFIE Culture”

IMG_2049We live in a “SELFIE CULTURE”.

What do I mean by a “SELFIE CULTURE”?

Well, on the surface I’m simply referring to the recent massive shift in our culture in which nearly everyone keeps a “smart” phone within arms distance at every hour of the day and we post BILLIONS of pictures to the internet through various social media platforms…many of which happen to be pictures that we take…of ourselves…standing in front of a bathroom mirror or engaged in some other amazing feat that we feel the rest of the world needs to see and share with us RIGHT NOW! You know, a selfie!

But at a deeper level, I can’t help but sense that this explosion of the “SELFIE CULTURE” is only an outward symptom of a deeper sickness. A narcissistic obsession and fixation with…ME! “Hey everyone, look at me!”

To use a biblical word, we could call it the sin of pride.

Now please don’t hear me saying that every instance of “selfie sharing” is rooted in pride. I’m not trying to be that hard core. But when billions of selfies are being posted on newsfeeds world-wide every single day, it might not be a stretch to say that we have a SELF problem.

So with that backdrop, I’d like to share an awesome acronym (I LOVE acronyms!) that I heard Pastor Ed Young share in a message he did on Social MEdia at the 2014 C3 Conference in Dallas, Texas. He’s talking about how to prayerfully turn away from pride and declare our dependence upon the Lord through the acronym of (ironically enough) S.E.L.F.

S – Search Me

“Lord, please search my heart and point out anything in my life that is inconsistent with your Word and your will. Please convict me of any sin that I need to confess.”

E – Empty Me

“Father, please empty me of…ME. Help me to walk in the knowledge that this life isn’t about ME! It’s all about YOU and YOUR glory!”

L – Lead Me

“Father, I declare my dependence upon You and my need for You to guide and direct my life.”

F – Fill Me

“Jesus, as you empty me of myself, please fill me with your Holy Spirit! May people see Christ in my life.”

I have decided to write this little acronym down and keep it in my Bible where I will see it each day as I spend time with God in His Word. My goal is to use this as a simple prayer guide in 2015 to help me be less about ME and more about HIM.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post!  As a reward for making it all the way through to the end, I will share my ‘selfie’ with you again!  You’re welcome. IMG_2049

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