Should a Pastor Speak into Politics?

Should a pastor speak into politics? 

More and more people in our culture today would answer that question with a resounding, “NO!”

I disagree.

I believe that God’s truth applies to ALL arenas of life and must not be compartmentalized only to those areas that society is comfortable with it being proclaimed (and those areas are becoming fewer and fewer!)

Furthermore, many of the issues our society would label “political” (and thus off-limits for a pastor to “meddle” in) God has clearly spoken to in His Word. 

Recently I led The RESCUE Church to participate in Pulpit Freedom Sunday in which I intentionally preached a sermon that the Federal Government has declared illegal. 

How did I break the law?  Simply by proclaiming God’s truth regarding some major moral issues of our day and then helping people understand how the Presidential candidates align their world-views with God’s clearly revealed Word and will.

You see, as a citizen of The United States of America, I have the Constitutional right to speak freely to any issue I desire.  As a citizen of Heaven and a pastor called by God to boldly declare His Word to others, I not only have the right to speak out, but I have the duty to speak what God lays on my heart (whether the government likes it or not!)

If you are a pastor, I would encourage you to step into the calling God has placed upon your life and don’t be intimidated by those who would seek to silence your voice or limit the issues that you are “allowed” to speak about.

If you want to hear the sermon I preached on Pulpit Freedom Sunday, here it is…

Pulpit Freedom Sunday from The RESCUE Church on Vimeo.

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  • Luanne

    I had never heard a message like this one – and I’ve been going to church almost all of my life. I believe this is a must for every born again believer – the Bible has a lot to say about how our government and its leaders. Thanks for your boldness and great job Jon!!!

  • Thank you for the kind words and thanks for listening! God Bless!