So Proud I get to Pastor these People

I love my church family!  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to lead a wonderful group of people and see the life-transforming work that God is doing in so many lives.   One outward sign that reveals the internal progress that God is making in a person’s heart is when we see that person begin to live for and serve others.  To look for opportunities to give their life away in service to others rather than to look for others to serve them.    In recent weeks I have watched the people of The RESCUE Church serve others well.  

On Friday, July 1st a storm ripped through our community toppling hundreds of trees, damaging homes and property, and knocking out our electricity.  Thank God no one was killed or injured, but the storm left our community in a big mess.  Within hours of the storm there were “RESCUERS” responding to our community’s need.  Work crews were mobilized and plans were underway to serve a free meal to anyone in the community who needed it the next day.  Our church family spent most of Saturday helping people clear trees and debris from their yards, handing out ice water around town, and feeding over 350 meals to hungry people.  Because of the great need (and the fact that we had no electricity anyway) on Sunday we decided rather than “having church” we would go “be the church” in our community by giving another day of service to people in need doing the same thing we did the day before.  I was so proud of all the work our people did that weekend!

Just a few days before the storm hit our community we had a team of “RESCUERS” return from serving others in Joplin, MO as part of the relief effort from the tornado that devestated that community.  You can see some of their photos in the video below.  Once again I am so proud to see the people of the church I am so blessed to lead care about more than just themselves and be willing to be used by God to serve others.   I love my church!


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Follower of Jesus; Husband to an amazing woman; Father of 3 great kids; Pastor of a multi-site church with a vision to reach rural America for Christ!
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