Are You a Successful Pastor?

Succss Inicator

Are you a successful pastor?  Most likely, when you read that question your mind immediately goes to the markers by which we so often measure “success” in the church world: how many people attend my church?, how big is our budget?, how nice is our building?, etc.

But what if true success in ministry, or life for that matter, had nothing to do with numerical measurements and more to do with who you are as a person?

Lately I have seen the above “Success Indicator” image going around on social media.  It’s basically a breakdown of some general characteristics of successful people vs. unsuccessful people.

Here are some of the comparisons:

  1. Successful people compliment vs. criticize.
  2. Successful people have a sense of gratitude vs. entitlement.
  3. Successful people give others credit for their victories vs. taking the credit.
  4. Successful people accept responsibility for their failures vs. blaming others.
  5. Successful people talk about ideas vs. other people.
  6. Successful people read vs. watch TV.
  7. Successful people embrace change vs. fear change.
  8. Successful people share information and data vs. hoard information and data.
  9. Successful people continuously learn vs. think they know it all.
  10. Successful people forgive others vs. hold a grudge.
  11. Successful people set goals and life plans vs. having no goals.
  12. Successful people want others to succeed vs. secretly hoping others fail.

Based on that list, I would suggest that every pastor can truly be a success regardless of how we measure up on the scale of numbers that we so often look to as the real measurement of success.

What are some additional qualities you would add to a list like this?

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