Ten Things that will Cause the World to Love Your Preaching

Jesus said, “…(the world) hates me because I testify that what it does is evil.” (John 7:7)

When you are obedient in delivering God’s truth to a lost and dying world the result is that the world will hate you and oppose you in the same way that it despises the Lord Jesus Christ.  If that is a problem for you and you long to be popular with people more than obedient to the Lord, then the following list will help remedy that:

Ten Things that will Cause the World to Love Your Preaching:

  1. Never tell the world that its works are evil.
  2. Never use the word sin or call someone who is breaking the laws of God a sinner.
  3. Always preach messages that encourage, but never convict.
  4. Never talk about unrighteousness, repentance, judgment or hell.
  5. Act like you’re not sure abortion is an abomination to a holy God.
  6. Never mention God’s opposition to homosexuality and same-sex “marriage” as clearly revealed in the Bible.
  7. Appear to agree that a saint is never to make a righteous judgment concerning someone’s immoral actions or lifestyle.
  8. Imply that the separation of Church and State is a sound biblical doctrine and even a part of our Nation’s founding documents.
  9. Preach from a politically correct perspective.
  10. Tell God’s people that God will give them a pass for voting for a candidate that promotes anti-Biblical policies and leads our nation further away from godly morality.  They will love you for telling them that God doesn’t care how they vote.

This coming Sunday, The RESCUE Church is beginning a new series in which we will break every one of the above mentioned prescriptions for popularity!   In this four week series titled “So Goes the Nation” we will:

  • Explore God’s purpose for government (Did you know that government was God’s idea?)
  • Expose some of the most imminent dangers and threats to our freedoms that our nation is facing today
  • Learn what steps can be taken to protect our freedoms and our godly heritage

 If you’re unable to attend in person, you can listen to this series online by clicking here.

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