The Next Generation Leader

One way I am going to use this blog will be to occasionally review a book that I have read and share some of the highlights and/or my thoughts.  As a way to test this out I am going to share a little bit about a great book I read a few years ago.  The reason I am choosing Andy Stanly’s, The Next Generation Leader is because I have many of the quotes that I highlighted typed in a document…so it’s easy to simply copy and paste.  So here we go!  Here are a few of the highlights from The Next Generation Leader:

  • As a young leader, my biggest mistake was allowing my time to be eaten up with things outside my core competencies.  I devoted an inordinate amount of my first seven years in ministry to things I was not good at – things I would never be good at.  At the same time, I invested little energy in developing my strengths. (p.17)
  • Don’t strive to be a well-rounded leader.  Instead, discover your zone and stay there.  Then delegate everything else.  (p.24)
  • A leader is someone who has the courage to say publicly what everybody else is whispering privately. (p. 51)
  • Leaders provide a mental picture of a preferred future and then ask people to follow them there.  Leaders require those around them to abandon the known and embrace the unknown – with no guarantee of success. (p. 52)
  • Unbridled fear results in missed opportunities. (p.53)
  • Ask veteran leaders about their risk-tolerance and they will all tell you the same thing:  “I wish I had taken more risks.” (p. 55)
  • You can’t lead without taking risk.  You won’t take risk without courage.  Courage is essential to leadership. (p.56)
  • Don’t be afraid to embrace a problem you cannot afford to solve…The only way to figure out how something can get done is to refuse to take your eye off what needs to be done.  Don’t let how intimidate you.  (p. 68)
  • The courage to say NO…The ability to identify and focus on the few necessary things is a hallmark of great leadership. (p. 69)
  • I know from experience that it is impossible to lead without a dream.  When leaders are no longer willing to dream, it is only a short time before followers are unwilling to follow.  So dream!  Dream Big!  Dream often! (p. 75)
  • In the arena of vision it is always better to try and fail than not to try at all.  When a leader is gripped by a clear vision of what could and should be, he will feel compelled to give a clear and certain directive. (p. 97)
  • Character is what makes you a leader worth following. (p. 131)

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