The RESCUE Church is Launching in Jamaica!

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This Sunday something very exciting is happening!  I am thrilled to announce that The RESCUE Church will be opening our newest campus in Deeside, Jamaica!!!

Let me briefly recap the story of how a church in rural South Dakota was led to open a location in rural Jamaica.  Like so much of the rest of our story…it’s a God thing!

In 2009, God gave our church a very clear vision for planting multi-site campuses in rural communities that are in need of a Christ-centered, gospel-driven, healthy, growing church. Click HERE to learn more about the specifics of our vision.

In February of 2012 we were hard at work planting our first multi-site campus in Colman, South Dakota.  But right before the launch of that campus, our church sent a team to Jamaica on a missions trip to help serve a school for deaf students.  As far as I knew, that trip had nothing to do with the overall vision for our church…but God had other plans!

“Coincidently”, (I don’t really believe in random, chance, coincidences) the man who was hired that week to drive our team back and forth from our work site was Pastor Richard Vernon.  Over the course of our week in Jamaica as we spent time each day with Richard and worked along side of him, we got to know him and his family and even toured Deeside, the rural community where he was pastoring.  And even though we had established a friendship with him, when our plane left the ground and headed back toward the United States at the end of that week, I still had no idea how God intended to bring our lives and ministries together.

We came home.  We resumed moving forward with launching our Colman campus.  We got busy.  We kept in touch here and there with Richard.  Then he asked the question.  One day Richard told us that he had been looking at our website and was interested to know if he could be involved in bringing The RESCUE Church to Jamaica!  At first we did not know how to answer that.  I admit that, out of fear, I hesitated and moved slowly and reluctantly to even consider the idea.  But in time the leadership of our church decided to take some steps of faith forward and just see if in fact God was calling us to something way outside of what we had planned.

This past Sunday, Pastor Richard Vernon and his congregation made the decision to formally partner with The RESCUE Church and become our first campus (of Lord willing, MANY more) in Jamaica!

The journey from the time we first met Richard to the opening of our Deeside Campus has been interesting and exciting!  At times it has seemed to move too slow.  At other times the whole thing has seemed completely overwhelming.  But through it all God has been faithful to lead, open doors, provide, and continually show us that He is in this and that He is doing something so much bigger than we can fully see or understand.

To all the people of The RESCUE Church I just want to say I love you!  I’m thankful for you!  And I’m proud of your willingness to believe God for unbelievable things and enthusiastically step into an exciting, but uncertain future!  I want to thank you for your financial sacrifice that has brought us to this point and made all of this possible!

To Pastor Richard and all the people of our Deeside Campus I want to say, “WELCOME to The RESCUE Church family!!!”  I’m thankful for you!  I’m proud of your selfless decision to partner with us in order to reach more people for the kingdom!  I’m thankful for your friendship.  And I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead!

And finally I want to give all glory, honor, and credit for this awesome milestone in the life of our church to King Jesus!  It’s his church!  It’s his story!  It’s a perfect God choosing to work through very imperfect people.  Thank you, Lord Jesus for all that you’ve done!

Deeside Campus

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