Update on Howard’s House: We’re Almost There!!!

I’ve got GREAT news to share with everyone!  We are getting SO CLOSE to being able to purchase the materials to rebuild Howard’s house as well as the airfare to fly 2-3 people down to Jamaica to build it!  Thank you so much to all who have helped spread the word concerning this project and even more to those of you who have given financially.  We are planning on purchasing the airfare tomorrow morning (August 19, 2014) and send the team down to Jamaica on September 2, 2014.  I am making one final plea for anyone who is still considering giving to this cause that NOW IS THE TIME TO GIVE!!!  Please join me in being a part of Howard’s miracle!

To donate right now click HERE!  (Please write “Howard’s House” in the Special Designation line to ensure that your donation gets to the right place!)

The following is the original blog I posted a few weeks ago introducing Howard and describing his need:


I want to introduce you to my friend, Howard.

Howard lives in Deeside, Jamaica and his life looks very different from yours and mine.

Tonight when Howard goes to sleep, he is going to open the door of a chicken coup and climb inside to lie down on a foam pad that is not even big enough to stretch out on. Everything Howard owns is contained inside this small structure.


I believe we (you…and I…and all of our friends on social media) have the ability to change this for Howard in a very short period of time!

Let me give you some more background information: We met Howard this past year as The RESCUE Church launched a campus in Deeside, Jamaica. Howard was viewed by many in the community to be crazy. He was unable to speak or communicate very well. He had actually painted graffiti on the outside walls of the community center that our Deeside campus meets in. He seemed to be very much an outcast of the community. But then Howard began to experience something through the people of our Deeside campus that he has probably rarely experienced much in his life…love! Our church opened our arms and our hearts to him and showed him the love of Jesus in real and tangible ways. We invited him to join us. We included him. We provided some very basic things like food and clothing for him on a few occasions. And it appears that Howard is beginning to respond to this love. He smiles a lot. And he has begun to talk! Just beneath the rough exterior of a man who has been rejected by so many around him lies the soul of a real person whom Jesus deeply loves!


So when I was in Deeside this past week with a team of people from our church, Pastor Richard Vernon (our Deeside campus pastor) invited me to go see Howard’s “house”. I was not prepared for what I found. I learned that the reason Howard is living in a chicken coup is because the shack where he had been living caught on fire when he was cooking and burned down. He showed us the concrete slab that had once been the foundation to his home.

And while I stood there surveying this situation I sensed God whispering to me that even though I don’t have the resources to change everyone’s situation, I do have the ability to make a major difference in the life of this one person! And right there I decided that we WILL do something to help Howard get out of the chicken coup and back into a better living situation. We will build a house for Howard!


With your help, I am hoping to raise enough funds to rebuild a home on the cement foundation you see here.IMG_1747 I am also trying to raise enough funds to either purchase airfare for two or three guys to go to Deeside to build the home or to hire a builder in the Deeside area to do the work. Any remaining funds will go to help furnish Howard’s house with basic necessities (bed, table, chairs, etc.). And if there are any remaining funds after all of this, they will be given toward other physical needs in the Deeside community.

So here is how you can help:

  1. Click HERE to contribute financially. Every little bit will help us get there! And since you’re giving through The RESCUE Church, your financial donation is tax-deductible as we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. ***Please write “Howard’s House” in the special designation line in order that your contribution gets to the right place!!!*** If you don’t want to give online you can mail a check to The RESCUE Church, 300 E. 2nd Ave. Flandreau, SD 57028.
  1. Please share this blog post with ALL of your friends on social media. It only takes a few seconds and will help share this need with thousands of people!
  1. Pray for Howard. Pray that God will not only provide for his physical needs, but that He will also bring spiritual and emotional healing into Howard’s heart, soul, and body!

I am praying that we can see a FAST response to this need!  My prayer is that Howard will not have to spend too many more uncomfortable nights in a chicken coup.  I’m praying that he will experience the love of God through the generous hearts of others!  Thank you in advance for playing a part in Howard’s miracle!  IMG_6945

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