What Slime can Teach us about our Culture:

Another creative element used recently by The RESCUE Church.

In a message we recently did dealing with the topic of having a biblical worldview, I used a simple visual aid involving several glass containers of different shapes, a pile of home-made slime, and a rock.  The point I was making is that our culture can be compared to the pile of slime.  We live in a culture that denies the existence of absolute truth.  Our culture shifts in its beliefs and opinions minute-to-minute based on whatever the most popular trends or celebrities dictate.  Our culture scoffs at the idea of timeless, unchanging truth regardless of circumstances.  I used the slime to take the shape of whatever glass container I put it into as I was describing all of this.

Then I held up the rock and compared that to God’s unchanging, timeless truth that we find in His Word, the Bible.  I asked the obvious question, “What would happen if I tried to push this rock into one of these glass containers?”  Answer: it would break the mold, not conform to it.  Then I asked the question, “If you were to build a building, which substance (between the rock and the slime) would you choose to build it on?”  Obviously everyone knows that a rock solid foundation is the only secure foundation upon which to build a structure.  And so it is with how we view all the truth claims and messages of our world today.

Do you have a biblical worldview that is grounded in God’s rock solid truth?  Or are you building your foundation on the ever-changing, ever-shifting, ever-conforming slime of our world’s lies?

If you want to listen to that message click here.

Feel free to use or adapt this creative element for your own use in your own setting.

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  • If the foundations be removed how shall the body of Christ stand. The importance of an understanding of the inerrancy of scripture is paramount, otherwise as you have mentioned morphing and changing to the dictates of the culture around will continually produce confusion and lack of concrete direction.

  • Judy Jones

    Standing on the rock! Rooted and grounded in the Word, living by the Word and celebrating life that is new each day